Two Types of Website Visitors [INFOGRAPHIC]

Try this: open up your browsing history and look at the last few hundred websites in there. Skip past the sites you visit everyday, such as news sites, social media and email.Now look at what’s left and ask yourself, why did I visit these websites?Just like everyone else on the internet, you likely visit websites for two main reasons: you’re researching a question or you’re looking for a presumed answer. Those are the two main types of website visitors.Here’s a visual breakdown of those two kinds of visits, and how to treat them differently in marketing….Two Types of Website Visitors [INFOGRAPHIC]It makes sense doesn’t it? Now you should have a better sense for how to strengthen your website and content for each. If you’re ready for specific tips for both, try these two articles:Want more of the first type of visitor? Read What to Blog About: 13 Source of Fresh TopicsWant more of the second type? Read Lead Generation Best PracticesWe hope this helps! You’re welcome to share this image on your site. Interested? Just copy and paste this code into your blog….

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